Integrated Effect of Chlorusulfuron, Nitrogen Fertilizer and Varieties on Striga Management in Sorghum in Western, Tigray, Ethiopia

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Letemariam Desta
Ibrahim Fitw
Alemu Araya


A field experiment was conducted during the cropping seasons of 2017/2018 to evaluate the effect of levels of herbicide and N fertilizer and sorghum varieties on striga management in the Western Tigray. Split-split plot design was used to conduct the experiment using three replicate. The experiment comprised of four levels of N fertilizer in the main plot (control (0 kg/ha, 23, 46 and 69 kgha-1) and herbicide applications in sub-plot (0, 10, 15 and 20 gha-1) and three sorghum varieties (Birhan, Deber and Wediaker) in sub-sub plot under naturally S. hermonthica infested area. Striga counts and striga growth parameters were recorded. Results showed that days to first flowering, striga count per sorghum plant, stand counts of striga at 45 DAP, 65 DAP and 85 DAP per m-2, branch number per plant, plant height and biomass of striga were significantly (P<0.01) affected with the application of N fertilizer, herbicide rates and varieties. Generally, an integrated approach was found to be the best method to control striga.

Striga hermonthica, urea-nitrogen fertilizer, herbicide, chlorsulfuron.

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Desta, L., Fitw, I., & Araya, A. (2020). Integrated Effect of Chlorusulfuron, Nitrogen Fertilizer and Varieties on Striga Management in Sorghum in Western, Tigray, Ethiopia. Asian Plant Research Journal, 6(3), 1-9.
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