Effect of Vermicompost and Earthing Up on the Growth and Yield of Onion

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Shirajum Monira
Tahmina Mostarin
Khaleda Khatun
Md. Ehsanul Haq
Ismita Akter Soniya
Sanjida Akhter
Iffat Sharmin
Avijit Ghosh


A field research was conducted at the Horticultural Farm of Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, Dhaka-1207 during the period from October 2017 to March 2018 to study the effect of vermicompost and earthing upon growth and yield of onion. The experiment consists of two factors. Factor-A Vermicompost V0 (control), V1 (6 t ha-1 vermicompost), V2 (10 t ha-1 vermicompost) and V3 (14 t ha-1 vermicompost) and Factor-B Earthing up E0 (control), E1 (Two times earthing up) and E2 (Three times earthing up). The experiment was laid out in RCBD (Randomized Complete Block Design) with three replications. The collected data were statistically analyzed. Results revealed that in terms of vermicompost application The highest fresh weight bulb-1 (40.07 g), yield plot-1 (527.89 g) and yield ha-1 (5.39 t) were found from the treatment V3 compared to V0 (control) treatment. Again, in terms of different earthing up treatments, the highest fresh weight bulb-1 (32.48 g), yield plot-1 (431.67 g) and yield ha-1 (4.41 t) were found from the treatment E2 (Three times earthing up) compared to E0 (control) treatment. Both vermicompost and earthing up and their combination showed a considerable variation on different growth and yield parameters of onion. The highest fresh weight bulb-1 (42.73 g), yield plot-1 (567.33 g) and yield ha-1 (5.79 t) were found from the treatment combination of V3E2 compared to control V0E0 (control) treatment combination. And it may be summarized that 14 t/ha vermicompost with three times earthing up performed the maximum yield compared to other treatments.

Earthing up, onion, vermicompost and yield.

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Monira, S., Mostarin, T., Khatun, K., Haq, M. E., Soniya, I. A., Akhter, S., Sharmin, I., & Ghosh, A. (2019). Effect of Vermicompost and Earthing Up on the Growth and Yield of Onion. Asian Plant Research Journal, 3(1), 1-12. https://doi.org/10.9734/aprj/2019/v3i130059
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